Guidelines For Liverpool Voice Members


  1. Members to be in place and ready to start rehearsals at the stipulated time.[1]

  2. Regular attendance at rehearsals and being available for performances is beneficial and of all-round benefit to the choir.

  3. The mid-way break during rehearsals and performances to last no longer than requested by the AD / MD.

  4. Vocal warm-ups and/or other exercises at the beginning of rehearsals are beneficial to the voice and should be taken seriously.

  5. During rehearsals members to show consideration and respect by refraining from singing or chatting whilst the AD / MD is demonstrating or talking to the whole choir or a section(s).

  6. In addition to singing the correct notes, members to also be mindful of: watching and taking notice of the conductor; dynamics; the lyrics; how they are gelling with others in their section; listening to how their section is sounding relative to the other parts / accompaniment (the overall sound).

  7. Questions are welcome, please ensure they are relevant to what is being rehearsed or discussed at the time.

  8. Please bring the following to rehearsals:

    • copies of current repertoire, contained in an appropriate folder and arranged in order: alphabetic for rehearsals, and programme order for performances
    • a 2B pencil for appropriate highlighting of music scores. A rubber for erasing personal highlighting etc
    • other LV paperwork, e.g. instructions, notes etc
    • reading glasses
    • something to drink, lozenges
    • notebook and/or paper and pencil for taking notes
    • diary
  9. When a member is asking or responding to a question, be courteous and allow them to be heard without interrupting.

  10. Music loaned to members is the property of LV and should be looked after. When requested, it must be promptly returned to the Music Librarian in alphabetic order.

  11. If you cannot attend a rehearsal(s), please convey your apologies for absence ASAP directly to the AD / MD, using any of the numerous methods available. Knowing who will be absent from a rehearsal is critical for the AD/MD when they plan the rehearsal with the aim of making best use of the time.

  12. LV concerts and other events. At all times members are expected to uphold a high level of courtesy, tolerance, flexibility, understanding, etc. Especially when events do not go according to plan / expectation; irrespective of the reason(s).

  13. Unless advised otherwise, members must comply with the LV dress code for concerts and other events.

  14. Receiving feedback from members is always welcomed. Please convey this, ideally in writing, via the respective Part Representative / another member of the committee / AD / MD.

  15. When the AD / MD, member(s) of the committee, a member(s) of LV requests feedback / assistance from members, please respond in a timely manner and certainly within any specified deadline.

  16. At all times it is expected each member will take personal responsibility for complying with the above and all aspects of the Liverpool Voice constitution for the overall benefit of the choir.

[1] Unless there are mitigating circumstances, rehearsals will start and conclude on time. Occasionally, the Artistic / Music Director (AD / MD) will request they start earlier and/or finish later.

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