I acknowledge that:

Coronavirus Covid-19 and such other biological hazards which may arise from time to time are natural phenomena over which the Committee, organisers of Choir meetings and events, or individual members, have no control.

As an individual part of a group of amateur singers, each of us has an equal part to play in ensuring safety of those around us, including fellow Choir members, audience and other participants in Choir activities, by following agreed procedures and proposing/implementing such measures as may minimise risks.

Information provided by Liverpool Voice is advisory only but a requirement of participation and I will follow whatever Rules or Guidelines as may be set from time to time.

My decision whether or not to participate in each Choir activity is entirely a personal decision and at my own risk, taking all circumstances into account, including:

- My own health and susceptibility

- The risk that I might pose to the health of others

- Such national or regional guidance as may be in effect

My evaluation of the environmental circumstances and hygiene arrangements at the venue where the activities will take place.

It is my own responsibility to provide such personal protective equipment, sanitizers, etc as may be required and that I shall consider any guidance or recommendations as a minimum requirement.

I will not participate in a Choir activity if I have any of the symptoms of Covid-19, have failed to provide a test result (if required) or have tested positive.

I will provide my own refreshments.

I take full responsibility for my decision whether or not to participate in Choir activities.