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1 week ago


Those of you who attended the rehearsal, will remember that I spoke of the plan to put on yet another virtual Arts Café, a Christmas one.  

Originally it was scheduled to be live-streamed on YouTube (private audience only) on Saturday 11 December. However, for a number of reasons, Lucas and I think it best if we put it back a week, to the following Saturday, 18 December. I know this is the last Saturday before Christmas, and it well be that you have other things planned, however, the YouTube link will be available on, and after, the 18th December, ready for whenever it’s best for you to enjoy over a glass of mulled wine, or other festive victuals!

It will give those thinking of submitting an item - or two - more time to prepare and, in addition, will give us time to include some whole choir recordings of pieces we’re currently rehearsing. Brigid talked to me about the possibility of doing this and I think it’s a great idea! We’ll pick a rehearsal date and Lucas has said he is willing to make the recordings. As far as dress code is concerned, I think a ‘festive, outside carol singer’s costume’ would suffice but you may well have other ideas which we can discuss together next week.

It would be helpful for me to know, as soon as possible - possibly next Thursday?!! - if you have an item in mind. This way we can ensure we don’t have any duplication of songs, poems etc., - which is very easy to do with a Christmas programme! If you require piano accompaniment please advise me of this too so that I can liaise with John.

Items don’t have to be seasonal - though it would be good if they were.

Please could I ask that you send all recordings* to me no later than Saturday 11 December.  

It would be great if everyone could offer something but it isn’t obligatory! If you have any thoughts or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Very best wishes,



* these can be in the form of videos or audio files though, for obvious reasons, videos are far more interesting to watch!!!

1 month ago

Singing to the Trees

Come and join the Liverpool Voice choir and friends of Princess Park in Singing to the Trees!

Please join us on Sunday the 24th at Princess Park!


Please join us on Sunday the 24th at Princess Park!

2 months ago

Important Info - Choir Participation Disclaimer

Dear Friends,
Further to my email relating to our long-awaited return, I also wish to draw your attention to the Choir Participation Disclaimer, drawn up by Chris and sent out to all members last May; you don’t need to look back through your emails as I’ve included it here - please see below.
I hope that, like me, you are looking forward to being able to meet and sing together - at last!  I’m sure too, that you are well aware, and supportive, of the safety measures and steps that need to be put into place in order to safeguard our members and our families.
As safety is our first consideration I am asking you to print and sign the ‘Choir Participation Disclaimer’ (see below) and bring this along to the rehearsal tomorrow.  If you’re unable to make tomorrow’s rehearsal - and I have had a few apologies from some on holiday - please bring the signed sheet along with you on your return. 
Please would you also bring a mask and sanitiser and, in addition, take a Lateral Flow Test before attending rehearsals: I’m sure that many of you have to do this for work purposes anyway.
I’m very much looking forward to seeing you.
Very best wishes,
Lesley Bentley
Artistic Director - Liverpool Voice

4 months ago

Liverpool Voice Rehearsal, 8th of July - At last - a real rehearsal!

Dear Friends,

Good news!  I have been in touch with Viki from the Unitarian Church and all is fine for us to rehearse this Thursday.  This means that, for those of you who are free and willing, we can, at last, meet and sing together. Alleluia!! (Cue for a song I think!)
The rehearsal will run from 6.45 pm and, depending on the wishes of those present, will finish sometime between 8.30 and 9.00 pm; I noted last night that it was still light at gone 9.15 pm.
I will be sending out another email later with details of what we’ll be singing, meanwhile you may want to consider whether you need to bring something to sit on, though you may be prepared to stand for the duration.  Also, please bring your own refreshments.
We have been given the option of using the toilets and it may well be worth bringing a mask and, perhaps, some sanitiser just in case you do wish to make use of the facilities.
More details to follow.
I’m very much looking forward to seeing you again.
More later but for now……
Very best wishes,

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