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Nugent Care - Hidden Voice

13th June 2014

Event in Lutyens Crypt at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.


Those of you who were able to attend will, I'm sure, have been moved by John McHugh's poignant and moving multi-media composition, Hidden Voice. The evening was extremely successful, with John receiving a standing ovation at the end of the evening from a very appreciative audience. All those who attended were moved by the thought-provoking and moving presentation.

The choir sang four songs, in keeping with the theme: John Rutter's 'For the Beauty of the Earth', followed by an arrangement of Lennon and McCartney's 'In My Life' and a composition that I wrote some years ago for the Marie Curie 'Lights of Remembrance Service' at the Anglican Cathedral, 'Through the Mist the Sun Waits'.

The evening closed with the choir singing a Celtic blessing; 'Keep You in Peace'.


Nugent Care - Hidden Voice poster by Corinne

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