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Singing To Trees

24th October 2021

The initial idea of ‘singing to trees’ came about during our July picnic adventure, held in Sefton Park. Those who were first to arrive were admiring the amazing trees near where we were sitting and this started an idea about a type of Promenade-style outdoor concert, in celebration of trees. At the time I parked the idea, thinking it would be best to do such a thing in the Spring of next year when we’d had time to prepare appropriate pieces. However, since then, another possibility/idea has surfaced and I think it may be one that would interest you; it certainly interests me.


As some of you are aware, a small group of neighbours started singing outside Sunnyside Care Home in Sydenham Avenue when lockdown started and Elspeth, who plays her accordion for the group, invited me to come along and play mine. One of the singers I met there, Sarah Macfarlane, told me she has attended many Liverpool Voice concerts - including our performance of ‘The Armed Man’, and, on one occasion Sarah found me doing some much-needed, last-minute practice before one of the singalongs, sitting under the shade of an old tree at the bottom of the road. Our mutual admiration and appreciation of the tree - got us talking about trees - as you do!  


She told me that she was one of the FOPP - Friends of Princes Park - and I told her about my idea of singing to trees in Sefton Park. Sarah, also talked to me about a fundraising initiative that she had set up called Give1Get1 Worldwide, Vaccines for All - its express purpose being to raise money to fund and administer Covid 19 immunisation jabs in countries that haven’t been as fortunate as we. The idea of putting on some form of happening in Princes Park, linking singing to trees for a paying audience, whilst raising money for Give1Get1 Worldwide, was then muted. The Friends of Princes Park are very interested too and have said that they’re willing to publicise the event - which would be good!


Even though Princes Park isn’t huge, I realise that, for some, there could be issues - and I have some suggestions about managing these. If you would prefer to remain in a stationary position - as opposed to ‘promenading’ then please let me know. My idea, at present, is that we would start and finish at the ‘Sun-burst gates’ (Devonshire Road end) and take a circular route up towards the Aigburth Drive entrance, near the lake and the back of Bellerive Catholic College while making various Tree Stops. If it were to rain then the performance would be moved inside a nearby venue.

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