1 year ago

Cheque Presentation

Dear Friends,

This morning Jan and I joined Peter Mitchel (CEO for The Big Help Project) for a presentation of the cheque to Father Taras at The Big Help Project’s Head Office in Boaler Street, off Sheil Road.  The photo will appear in the Catholic Pictorial shortly together with some coverage of the concert.  It is gratifying to know that the money we raised will go directly to members of the local Ukrainian Community who have recently come to live in Liverpool.  
Peter was most appreciate of our efforts and the sum of money we raised and also said how much he was looking forward to seeing us again at the Big Help Christmas Carol Concert in the Crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral.  
He also shared with us that, owing to the publicity promoting our concert - “A Concert for Ukraine” - which linked us with the Big Help Project, he had been contacted by someone who subsequently donated £10.000.  - so, there you are: big oaks from little acorns DO grow!  Well done everybody!  Fran, who initiated the taking of the photo, once again wished to say thank you to you all. 
Fran was also very grateful to Rose who, last night, brought in boxes of cleaning products; these had been donated by Unilever and passed on by the kindness of the governors at Woodchurch High School.  The items will be distributed today to members of the Ukrainian Community who, each Friday, join Father Taras for Mass and community projects at The Big Help Project headquarters.
Well done to one and all!
Looking forward to seeing you this evening for “Choral Classic” - concert No.2.
Jan Sloan, Father Taras, Peter Mitchel and Lesley Bentley are presenting a cheque of £2465.25 to the Big Help Project
Lesley x