2 years ago

Resuming Rehearsals - A possible way forward

Dear Friends,
We hope this email finds you well.
As we move closer to the 17 May and 21 June deadlines, and the relaxation of the current rulings as we have known them, this email aims to outline pertinent issues to enable us to move forward and, at long last, to meet and sing together. 
As you are no doubt aware there is still a lot of speculation generally amongst singers about Covid and the risks of singing together. This being the case, many - for good reason - still have concerns about meeting, and, when asked for their opinions about meeting indoors for rehearsals from 17 May, most of those taking part in the Liverpool Voice Zoom rehearsal were of the opinion that they wouldn’t be comfortable with this.  However, many felt more positive about resuming rehearsals after 21 June when it was thought that the vast majority of members would have received their second vaccination.  
We have been in contact with Phil Waldron, Minister for the Unitarian Church; it is his intention to open the church once again for community activities as from Monday 17 May. 
The use of a space was discussed and he has confirmed that we will be able to use the Church as our regular rehearsal venue.  This will allow us plenty of room to operate in a safe and practical way - and, when the winter nights inevitably bring colder temperatures he has promised that it will be heated, which all sounds very promising and inviting.
Before we meet up it will be necessary to put protective measures and procedures in place to ensure that we can all operate in a safe and secure way; information relating to this will be sent out in good time prior to our proposed first rehearsal on Thursday 24 June.
Please know that we are keen to receive your feedback and very much welcome additional thoughts - pros and cons - and feelings you may have on this matter.
Very best wishes,
Jan and Lesley